Which perfume to buy today? How to choose!

You can choose from so many different perfumes these days, and it can be difficult to know which one to buy!  Here is our handy guide to different perfume options in the shops.

Size: perfumes can come in a wide range of size bottles, enabling you to buy smaller or larger amounts as you need.  When trying a new perfume, it makes sense to only buy a small bottle, in case you decide you don’t like the smell, or in case you have an allergic reaction to it.  You might want to see if there are any sample bottles to take home, which will mean you can try the scent out over a few days and see how you get on with it before commiting to buying it.  Usually, perfumes come in 30ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles.

EDT EDP?  EDT means eau de toilette, which is a slightly lighter, diluted fragrance.  The perfume oils are diluted with water to form an EDT, which is good for summer times and when you want your fragrance to be a little bit lighter.  EDP is pure perfume, and stands of Eau de Parfum.  Here, the fragrance is undilted and can be quite strong, so suits the colder months and older people well.  The scent lasts much longer then EDT and can be more expensive to buy.  But you’ll need much less of it for the same fragrance effect!