Spring Time Makeup Trends

In the spring, we look for inspiration in the great outdoors, with nature taking centre stage in our looks!  We love experimenting with more colour at this time of year, especially greens and yellows which we might not look at during the colder months.

As the weather begins to lighten up and be sunnier, we should think about reducing the weight of our foundation, concealer and blush, as these can all show up heavily in the sun.  Although suitable for winter, when it is often darker and less natural light, heavy liquid foundations are often too much for spring/summer, looking a little mask like.  Instead, why not try a serum foundation or tinted moisturiser to even out the skin tone.

Eyeshadow can come into its own during the spring, with light washes of colour over the whole lid looking particularly nice.  Pinks, purples and blues can all add a subtle glow to the eyelid, especially when combined with a little shimmer or pearlescent effect.