Social Secretary Replacing Chaos With Calm Serenity

On of the ways to slow down and bring some calmness to an otherwise exhausting home/work/commute routine is being able to get out occassionally and meet up with old pals.  The problem is actually finding the time for this to actually happen.  A text would circulate bemoaning it’s so many weeks since we last met up, we would try to fix dates taking another 3 weeks of sorting.  The relaxation part of the equation seems to get completely lost.  I have now taken ownership of the exercise by texting first, with dates I’m definitely available and asking who’s up for joining me, and suggesting somewhere to meet, with a time.  Yep, it may sound organised, but in fact this is what the busier of my pals actually like.  Someone else to be their social secretary.  It has breathed new calmness into an otherwise fraught exercise and we all appreciate that precious couple of hours to ourselves.  Win win!