Perfume is a wonderful way of expressing your sense of style as well as showing others a glimpse of your personality.  One problem some people find with their fragrances is that it simply doesn’t last long enough on their skin!  Here are some ways to make your fragrance last longer and be more effective.

  1. Choose your perfume type – there are different strengths of perfume.  Someone who finds perfume tends to fade quickly might get on better with an Eau de Parfum, which has a higher concentration of scent.
  2. Spray in the right places – try to add your fragrance to your pulse points.  These can be found on the wrists, in the crook of the elbow, behind the ears, behind the knees and just at the base of the neck.  Placing perfume here makes it more likely for the fragrance to be noticed.
  3. Use a lotion – add your perfume to your skin with a touch of vaseline or body lotion.  This gives your scent something to stick to and makes it more likely to last throughout the day.

A common theme in makeup trends is to make your features look enhanced.  Something many people want to achieve is larger, more doe like eyes.  There are techniques you can use with makeup which can make your eyes look a different shape, or enlarged compared to without makeup.  Here are some ideas to help you achieve those larger looking eyes.

Firstly, choose good eyeshadow shades.  You will need a light shade, a medium shade and a deep shade to carve out your contours.  Place the lightest shade all over the lid and up to the brow bone.  Blend out any harsh lines.  Next, take the medium shade and blend into the crease.  This can act as a transition shade and helps to create a sense of depth in the crease.  Take the darkest shade and focus this on the outer edge of your crease and the outer-V.  This helps to elongate the eye.

With eyelines, add a cat like flick.  This helps to make the eye look longer.  Ensure the flick is thicker at the outer edge and really thin on the inner corner.  A white or nude liner on the waterline makes your eye look huge.

Mascara makes a big difference to your eyes – use a lengthening mascara and be sure to curl your lashes!