Make Up Techniques For The Modern Age

Oh how my chums and I chortled when we were at school and one of the teachers came in with rather unusual make up instead of her usual pink circle on each cheek, gash of bright scarlet across her lips and just a line of pencil under each eye – where I have carefully applied a ‘dusty’ look with black mascara every since learning the art from my mother when I was 13.    We got used to the teachers routinely telling us off for breaking the rules.  Mind you, make up in those days was so basic that it wouldn’t be noticed at all today.  We have all kinds of creams, blushers, coloured foundations, bronzing moisturisers, highlighting cream, shadow minimising.  I do read the magazines but ralise I need one of the consultations available from the best of the make up and beauty sites – a treat for me maybe.