Let Walking Boots Kick Start Beauty And Health

Oh the benefits of getting up early, having a brisk shower and then a short burst of exercise.  Hmmm I hear you say.  Well after years of steadfast resistance to this throughout my formative years, I now realise what I missed.  When I feel sluggish, maybe more tired, less alert, aching when I slouch on the sofa, I step up my activity level and wow, it makes so much difference.

I have at last accepted that sitting down for a quick lunch, whilst watching something on daytime tv catch up, is a disaster for me.  I get through the salad, or boiled eggs, but then always nod off in situ.  I awake an hour or so later, much scrunched up!  So out went lunvhtime viewing, in came brisk walks after breakfast and lunch.  These actions have improved my weight, but more importantly, I look and feel much more alive and nowhere near my true age.  Hurrah!