Changing Make Up Choices For Summer

As the winter draws to a close, I always get that excited feeling when the first of the warmer days drifts along.  We had a particular grim winter season this time.  Muc seriously cold and wet weather brought all manner of problems in the garden and around the country as a whole.  This brings down the bouyancy of a community – the need to be joyful and enthusiastic for life is essential when the chips are down.  I change my make up and body products according to how I feel, and this of course is directed by the weather and climate.  I always step up my skin’s  protection as soon as we get more than a glimmer of sun.  My skin and body routine itself remains unaltered but the products have to have higher factor and I rarely let the sun hit my face and neck on a hot day.   Sun I do love, but not the ravaging effect it can have!