Aging Brings On Wild Woman Hair Based Issues

My family have endured the double edged joy of our mother having reached the grand age of 90.  So what you’re thinking, millions have reached 100.  In our case it’s remarkable though because mum was deemed to be in need of ‘end of life care’ some 7 years ago.  The fact she is still breathing, in absolute luxury in a care home is down the absolutely remarkable but terrifyingly expensive care she gets.  All her life mum has been fiercely proud of her red hair – vibrant, strong and wavy.  We are a long line of redheads.  Strength and attitude aplenty!  Although mum’s skin is still fabulous and unwrinkled, due to unwavering application of moisterisers,  her hair has now sucumbed to age and she often squeals at the sight in a mirror – ‘oh I look like the wild woman of Borneo’ .  This phrase has been with us all our lives – we have yet to find out who the woman was!

Social Secretary Replacing Chaos With Calm Serenity

On of the ways to slow down and bring some calmness to an otherwise exhausting home/work/commute routine is being able to get out occassionally and meet up with old pals.  The problem is actually finding the time for this to actually happen.  A text would circulate bemoaning it’s so many weeks since we last met up, we would try to fix dates taking another 3 weeks of sorting.  The relaxation part of the equation seems to get completely lost.  I have now taken ownership of the exercise by texting first, with dates I’m definitely available and asking who’s up for joining me, and suggesting somewhere to meet, with a time.  Yep, it may sound organised, but in fact this is what the busier of my pals actually like.  Someone else to be their social secretary.  It has breathed new calmness into an otherwise fraught exercise and we all appreciate that precious couple of hours to ourselves.  Win win!

Let Walking Boots Kick Start Beauty And Health

Oh the benefits of getting up early, having a brisk shower and then a short burst of exercise.  Hmmm I hear you say.  Well after years of steadfast resistance to this throughout my formative years, I now realise what I missed.  When I feel sluggish, maybe more tired, less alert, aching when I slouch on the sofa, I step up my activity level and wow, it makes so much difference.

I have at last accepted that sitting down for a quick lunch, whilst watching something on daytime tv catch up, is a disaster for me.  I get through the salad, or boiled eggs, but then always nod off in situ.  I awake an hour or so later, much scrunched up!  So out went lunvhtime viewing, in came brisk walks after breakfast and lunch.  These actions have improved my weight, but more importantly, I look and feel much more alive and nowhere near my true age.  Hurrah!

Perfume Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Although Christmas time is generally the normal time for selection of perfumes and scent based beauty products, folk do have birhdays throughout the year and deserve to be bought the very best present whatever.  Knowing what kind of scent anyone likes is difficult to guess or judge.  The only way is to be near someone when they’re wearing something delectable and to ask in a general way whether that is there normal scent or do they try something different all the time.  You can always tell from the reply whether they are a ‘one scent only’ person.  Once you have he name of the scent, it is possible to visit online sites and ask them to give you ideas for a scent very much along the lines of  . . .   naming the one you know of.

There are too some really beautifuly body treatment sets offering body washes and shower gel, bath lotion and body lotions and milk.

Lighter Looks For Spring Into Summer

Keeping winter blues out of our daily beauty routine is a very good idea now that spring has finally decided to make an appearance.  Those winter days, when it is very cold, very wet, and usually, very blowy also, mean that we must take extra precautions with our make up and hair.  The weather does tremendous damage and not using enough, or any, moisturiser can spell real problems for the skin.  I like to use a slightly lighter product from spring onwards.

I personally like to use an anti wrinkle cream on my chin, neck and upper chest area, and a light specifically developed cream for around my eyes.  After then applying my body lotion from ankles up and over my arms, my face is then ready for the moisturising cream.  Then for a quick touch of eye make up, a spray of fragrance and I’m ready to face the day.

Spring Time Makeup Trends

In the spring, we look for inspiration in the great outdoors, with nature taking centre stage in our looks!  We love experimenting with more colour at this time of year, especially greens and yellows which we might not look at during the colder months.

As the weather begins to lighten up and be sunnier, we should think about reducing the weight of our foundation, concealer and blush, as these can all show up heavily in the sun.  Although suitable for winter, when it is often darker and less natural light, heavy liquid foundations are often too much for spring/summer, looking a little mask like.  Instead, why not try a serum foundation or tinted moisturiser to even out the skin tone.

Eyeshadow can come into its own during the spring, with light washes of colour over the whole lid looking particularly nice.  Pinks, purples and blues can all add a subtle glow to the eyelid, especially when combined with a little shimmer or pearlescent effect.

Tips for Getting Your Mascara Just Right Every Time!

Mascara is a beautiful tool for making your eyes look larger, more flirty and beautiful.  There are lots of things we can do to make our mascara apply better and look even greater throughout the day.  Here are some top tips for getting your mascara right every time.

  1. Warm up your mascara before using it.  You can do this in two ways – either pop it in a cup of warm water while you finish the rest of your eyemakeup, or simply pop it inside your bra!  The warmth from your body (or the hot water) will loosen the formula and make it apply more smoothly.
  2. Check sell by dates.  Mascara should generally be changed every 3-6 months, as any longer than this can allow bacteria to grow which can cause nasty eye infections.
  3. Method.  Wiggle the mascara from side to side as well as down the length of your lashes for separated and defined lashes.
  4. Order.  Apply to your bottom lashes before your top lashes to avoid smudging makeup on your skin around your eyes!
  5. Do not pump!  Do not pump the wand in and out of the mascara tube – this introduced air and bacteria into the tube which can make your mascara dry up quicker.

The Difference Between Contouring and Strobing

Contouring and strobing are probably phrases you have heard in the beauty world for a while now, but what are they and how can they be used in our makeup application?

Contouring is the process of using light and shade to shape the face.  By using a shade colour which is slightly darker than your skin tone, you can slightly hollow out areas such as the cheek bone, slim the nose and jawline.  Contour can be used to make the forehead appear smaller or narrower.  It is all to do with dark shades falling back and light shades coming forward.  The next step is highlighting, which is applying a shimmer light shade onto the high points of the face, such as the tops of cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and onthe brow bone.  These give the illusion of younger and dewy skin.

Strobing is a similar idea to contouring, but without the dark shade.  Through using only highligher, the makeup artist can make the face appear slimmer, younger and more angular.  Ideal areas for strobing are the cheekbones, the nose and forehead as well as a touch on top of the cupids bow.  These techniques will add dimension to the face and help to achieve a different shape.

Heat And Sun Feel Wonderful But Are Terrible For The Skin

Having a truly beautiful complexion is one of life’s lucky happenings that we can help to engineer for ourselves.  Apart from the obvious factors of eating healthily and drinking plenty of water, there are other things we can do.  Keeping out of sunshine is probably even more important than eating or drinking.  It’s so easy to forget and go wandering out on a bright day, completely oblivious to the dangers of UV rays.  It is so agreeable to be out in the heat, especially if we have endured a normal British summer – but without the right sun protection designed for the face, then trouble could come in two ways.  A seriously aging effect from the heat and sun rays but also the worry of skin cancer.  So two very good reasons to not overlook a proper skincare routine.

To get the best possible advice and products for the skin, it is worth browsing a site that concentrates on beauty product and accessories.

A Proper Skin Care Routine Can Bring Long Term Beauty Benefits

The beauty business is vast and seems to be growing by the day.  The need for good quality skin care for our face and body cannot be overlooked if we want to retain that glowing youthfulness of not so many years ago.   An easy to manage and maintain skincare routine is by far the best approach.  If started when a teenager, good habits are formed that bring great skin rewards in middle to later life.   Thoroughly removing all traces of eye and face make up is essential.  Then applying an anti-wrinkle cream before the main moisturiser, one for day and the matching one for night, will bring great dividends.

It cannot be over emphasised the danger of exposing our skin to the sun without the application of appropriately factored sun protection products.  The damage caused by the sun in terms of aging can never be reversed.   Another tip, is to drink plenty of good old tap water – you don’t even need to leave the kitchen, water is fantastic to rehydrade the skin.