We all know that using a good quality makeup brush can make a huge difference to the way your makeup applies, but how often should we be cleaning our brushes, and what is the best method for cleaning them?

Firstly, it is important to know that hygeine is SUPER important for facial makeup.  Think about how much bacteria transfers from your face to the makeup each time you use it!  Yuck… The best thing to do is wash your makeup brushes using either hand soap, or gentle shampoo at least weekly.

Makeup artists will advocate washing your brushes after each use, but for many people this is a little unsustainable and a bit too much of a hassle.  Weekly allows you to freshen up your brushes enough to prevent spreading bacteria over your face which can cause spots and breakouts.

The best method for washing your brushes is to wet them, then swirl in a little liquid soap or shampoo, gently massaging the bristles with your fingers to remove makeup and grime.  Rinse clean and allow to air dry.  You can take the worst of the water off with a towel.